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With the ROLIFE Book Nook Series experience the magic of miniature worlds! Transform your bookshelf into a wonderland of storytelling with these charming bookshelf inserts. This series includes 5 sets of amazing book nooks. Expand your creativity and let your imagination run wild with these DIY kits. Discover the hidden worlds behind your bookshelf with our Book Nook series.

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Rolife Sakura Densya

Build Tokyo-inspired miniature book nook with 340 pieces and 6-hour assembly time.
book nook Rolife Sakura Densya TGB01 dyi
Book Nook Rolife Sunshine Town DIY TGB02

Rolife Sunshine Town

Create charming Sunshine Town book nook with 246 pieces and 5-hour assembly time. Go for a coffe at the coffee shop.

Rolife Magic House

Create a magical alley with self-assembly Magic House Book Nook Kit using 216 pieces. Assembly time: 4 hours.
Book Nook Rolife Magic House DIY TGB03
Book Nook Rolife Time Travel DIY TGB04

Rolife Time Travel

Create a time-traveling adventure and walk through the classic old train station. 258 pieces, 4-hour assembly.

Rolife Falling Sakura

Immerse yourself in the beauty of spring with Falling Sakura DIY Book Nook. 240 pieces, 3-hour assembly time
book nook Rolife Falling Sakura TGB05 diy

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