ROKR Viking Dragon Ship LK802


Build ROKR Viking Dragon Ship, a combination of mechanics and history. Inspired by Viking craftsmanship, this 3D wooden kit is a mechanical masterpiece.

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ROKR Viking Dragon Ship Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LK802



4 Hours

Assambly Time


Dificulty level

Build the ROKR Viking Dragon Ship

This ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle isn't just a Viking ship, it's a functional marvel. Inspired by Viking craftsmanship, it simulates rowing oars, bringing the ship to life as it moves!

Music & Function: More Than Just a Puzzle

The ROKR Stagecoach Mechanical Music Box transcends the realm of mere puzzles. Once assembled, this remarkable creation transforms into a functional music box, serenading you with the timeless tune of "Greensleeves" with the simple turn of a T-shaped key. Additionally, the intricately designed stagecoach serves as a unique and decorative storage box, allowing you to keep small treasures tucked away within its charming compartments.

Play Video about ROKR Viking Dragon Ship Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LK802
Play Video about ROKR Viking Dragon Ship Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LK802
ROKR Viking Dragon Ship LK802 1

Glow Your Viking Spirit

Light Up Your Viking Spirit! The ROKR Viking Dragon Ship features captivating LED effects, adding an extra touch of wonder to this museum-worthy masterpiece.

ROKR Viking Dragon Ship LK802 2

A unique mechanical piece

This ROKR Viking Dragon Ship takes your display a step further with its innovative motorized design. A built-in motor brings the ship to life, simulating the powerful strokes of Viking oars. Watch the ship's body sway realistically as it carves through imaginary waves, creating a captivating display that blends history with modern technology.

ROKR Viking Dragon Ship LK802 3

Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 2 cm





LEDs, Wood and others


Small Parts. Not for Children under 3 years old

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