ROKR Steam Engine


Bring the Industrial Revolution home with this incredible ROKR Steam Engine! ⚙️ This intricate 469-piece 3D wooden puzzle is a challenging and rewarding build, perfect for anyone who loves history, mechanics, and a good puzzle. 🧩 The finished model even features working pistons and a flywheel! 🚂

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ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01



10 Hours

Assambly Time


Dificulty level

Build Your Own Functional Steam Engine Puzzle

Calling all puzzle enthusiasts and history buffs! The ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle (LKA01) is not your average model kit. This meticulously crafted kit allows you to construct a stunning replica of a classic steam locomotive, complete with working features that will fire up your imagination.

Music & Function: More Than Just a Puzzle

The ROKR Stagecoach Mechanical Music Box transcends the realm of mere puzzles. Once assembled, this remarkable creation transforms into a functional music box, serenading you with the timeless tune of "Greensleeves" with the simple turn of a T-shaped key. Additionally, the intricately designed stagecoach serves as a unique and decorative storage box, allowing you to keep small treasures tucked away within its charming compartments.

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A Nostalgic Ride Through Time

The ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle (LKA01) pays homage to these legendary machines. As you assemble the intricate pieces, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the ingenuity behind these marvels of engineering. The first full-scale working locomotive, built in 1804 by Richard Trevithick, marked a turning point. These early engines, though far simpler than their later counterparts, paved the way for the powerful locomotives that would come to define the Industrial Revolution. The ROKR puzzle captures this spirit of innovation, allowing you to explore the inner workings of a steam engine and understand the power that once transformed the world.

ROKR Steam Engine 2

Feature Summary

  • 3D wooden puzzle with 469 pieces: Build a classic steam locomotive with intricate details.
  • Functional steam engine design: Features a 3-speed control (slow-fast-stopped), plus forward and backward movement, turnable steering wheel, and silicone wheels with flywheels.
  • Realistic details: Includes a cylindrical chimney with glowing light, openable sunshade, and suspended shock absorbers.
  • 1:28 scale replica: Detailed representation of an old-time locomotive.
  • Multiple play options: Enjoy forward, backward movement, and variable speeds. Detachable locomotive and trailer for simulated cargo loading/unloading.
  • Relaxing and educational: Puzzle assembly promotes focus, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 2 cm





Wood and others


Small Parts. Not for Children under 3 years old

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