ROKR Pinball Puzzle EG01

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With the ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle Pinball Game experience the nostalgia of the 90s. With 482 pieces of wood and electronics, it’s a true test of your puzzle-solving skills. Once assembled, this puzzle is completely functional, bringing the excitement of a classic pinball game right to your fingertips! The ROKR Pinball Puzzle is a great way to unplug from screens and spend quality time with family and friends.

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12 Hours

Assambly Time


Dificulty level

Challenge Yourself with the ROKR 3D Pinball Puzzle

The ROKR 3D Pinball Puzzle is a unique offering that combines the satisfaction of building a complex puzzle with the thrill of a classic pinball game. The estimated build time is around 12 hours, a great time to be screen free; offering a rewarding sense of accomplishment once you've completed this stunning centerpiece for your home.

Music & Function: More Than Just a Puzzle

The ROKR Stagecoach Mechanical Music Box transcends the realm of mere puzzles. Once assembled, this remarkable creation transforms into a functional music box, serenading you with the timeless tune of "Greensleeves" with the simple turn of a T-shaped key. Additionally, the intricately designed stagecoach serves as a unique and decorative storage box, allowing you to keep small treasures tucked away within its charming compartments.

Immerse Yourself in a World of Pinball Fun

The ROKR Pinball isn't just a pretty face (or puzzle!). The true excitement lies in its captivating gameplay. The multi-level playing field boasts a variety of tracks and bouncers that keep the ball moving and the challenge alive. Combined with captivating sound effects and lights, the ROKR Pinball delivers an immersive and nostalgic pinball experience for players of all ages.

ROKR Pinball
ROKR Pinball Machine
rokr pinball puzzle

Beat your record and became a hero

The magic doesn't stop once the puzzle is complete! The ROKR Pinball transforms into a fully functional pinball machine. Relive the nostalgia of classic arcades with a built-in scoring system that tracks your points as you skillfully maneuver the ball across the playfield. Win the game! Prepare to be surprised!


Play like a Pro

The ROKR Pinball EG01 will amaze you. If you are puzzle lover or a pinball lover this model kit is for you. Order it now!

ROKR Pinball 3d puzzle game eg01

Feature Summary

  • Functional Pinball Game: Once assembled, the ROKR Pinball becomes a working miniature pinball machine.
  • Scoring System: The ROKR Pinball features a built-in scoring system that tracks your points as you hit targets on the playfield.
  • Ball Launcher Control: Strategically launch the ball and aim for specific targets or paths.
  • Classic Bouncer Action: Keep the game alive with the classic pinball bouncers (or "bumpers").
  • Multiple Tracks: Explore different tracks with varying point opportunities.
  • Sounds and Lights: Enhance the pinball experience with exciting lights and sound effects.
  • Vintage Theme: The ROKR Pinball boasts a vintage theme for a touch of nostalgia.
  • Glue-Free Assembly: No glue needed! Build the ROKR Pinball with ease.
  • Challenging Build: Take on a rewarding assembly experience with 482 pieces. Allow approximately 12 hours for completion. Find a comfortable spot to build this intricate 3D wooden model kit.

Additional information

Model Number




Assembled Size

28 x 27.5 x 47.5 cm / 11 x 10.82 x 18.7 in


Small Parts Not for Children under 3 years old

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