ROKR Butterfly


Soar with beauty! The ROKR Butterfly 3D Puzzle unfolds into a motorized marvel. Fluttery wings & intricate details captivate all. Build & display your masterpiece! ✨

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An amazing puzzle

Parts: 79

Difficulty: ★★

Assembly time: 1.5 hours

ROKR Butterfly MI05P / MI05B 3D puzzle
ROKR Butterfly MI05P / MI05B 3D puzzle
ROKR Butterfly MI05P / MI05B 3D puzzle

The ideal Gift

This model kit is not just a puzzle; it’s an experience that combines creativity, engineering, and aesthetics. With 79 pieces, motorized wings, and mesmerizing lights, the ROKR Butterfly offers a unique and engaging assembly process that will delight enthusiasts of all ages.

Fun and beautiful

Illuminate your creation with the built-in lights, adding a magical glow to your ROKR Butterfly. The vibrant lights bring out the beauty of the assembled puzzle, making it a stunning centerpiece for any room. Whether displayed on a shelf, desk, or as part of a larger collection, the ROKR Butterfly is sure to capture the attention.


ROKR Butterfly MI05P / MI05B 3D puzzle
ROKR Butterfly MI05P / MI05B 3D puzzle

A Fun weekend Project

The ROKR Butterfly is more than just a static model – it’s a dynamic piece of art. The motorized wings add a delightful touch of movement, mimicking the graceful fluttering of a real butterfly. This feature sets the ROKR Butterfly apart from traditional static puzzles, providing an interactive element that enhances the overall experience.

Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 2 cm

MI05B, MI05P




Plastic (PVC, ABS), Metal


Small Parts. Not for Children under 3 years old

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