ROKR Mechanical 3D Puzzles are the best wooden puzzles in the market. Designed to be challenging for kids and adults, the whole family will have hour of fun. ROKR Mechanical 3D Puzzles are design with the highest quality. Every puzzle is laser cut with a precision of 5 microns leaving smooth edges and avoiding splinters.

Excellent for learning Mechanics

ROKR Vitascope, one of the best sellers

ROKR Mechanical 3D puzzles are excellent for learning mechanics and engineering. By doing one of this puzzles, you will have a lot of fun and also learn a the basic mechanics of gear power transmission and potential to kinetic energy conversion.

MECHANICAL 3D PUZZLES, have a wonderful experience 1

The Mechanical 3D puzzles are designed to be perfectly functional, clocks that work, a movie projector, and a combinational safe are examples of what you can do with the ROKR Puzzles. You will have fun during and after time constriction

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